Kajal – make smoky eyes with one touch


What is Virgin Herbal Kajal or how to get brighter eyes?

Do you dream about speaking look? Do you wish to take care of your tender eye zone skin? Than Virgin Herbal Kajal is the optimum eye contour treatment as well as the high-quality eye definer that makes your eyes shining and smoky.

The peculiar feature of the Herbal Kajal eye definer is its all-natural ingredients, which see after your eye zone gently and carefully. The product does not contain heavy metals and synthetic ingredients. Kajal gives beautiful accent to the eyes, makes your look compelling. It has antiseptic effect, protects the eye zone from the infections and inflammatory processes, clears palpebral oedema and relieves the eyes stress – your eyes feel fine.


Why does Virgin Herbal Kajal give such pronounced effect?

The ingredients that are found in Kajal penetrate through the eyelashes porus and nourish the eyelashes’ muscles, helping them to be radiant. Kajal Castor Oil delivers needed moisture to your eyes, giving them much-needed relief from the dryness and irritation, caused by an excessive environmental pollutant.

There’s more to come. In order to give your eyes a desirable brightness Himalaya Kajal has been enriched with three active berries: Amalaki, Haritaki and Vibhitaki.

Thus, Virgin Herbal Kajal (due to its active ingredients) helps to revitalise eyes, to nourish and to take care of the eyelashes as well as to promote active delicate eyelid skin nourishment.

Your eyes are deserved to be well-groomed and sparkling with Herbal Kajal!

I want to get a moist make-up. Is it possible with Virgin Herbal Kajal?

Thanks to Pure Almond Oil (that is a tela’s composition) the eyelids’ skin is moisturized. The effect of a moist make-up lasts for many hours. Pure Almond Oil nourishes actively a tender area, contributing to the prevention of the appearance of small expression llines.

There is also Damask Rose, formulated into Herbal Kajal that is recommended for people, who have a nasty feeling of tightness, excessive dryness and irritation.

Virgin Herbal Kajal gives ample opportunities to make different types of make-up – from the thin “arrows” to the mysterious “Smoky Eyes”. Herbal Kajal is waterproof; it is very easy to use and is perfect for everyday carrying in your purse.

What are the advantages of Virgin Herbal Kajal?


  • It gives your eyes beauty and expressiveness, has a beneficial effect on the eyelids.
  • A carefully designed combination of the herbal ingredients is designed for the gentle and tender eye care.
  • The berries Amalaki, Haritaki and Vibhitaki that are the ingredients of the product have been used for the prevention and treatment of the eye diseases in the Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Kajal Castor Oil contains the substances that stimulate the thick lashes’ growth; it softens and nourishes the delicate skin of the eyelids.
  • The product strengthens and improves sense of sight, prevents the eye diseases.
  • How should I use Virgin Herbal Kajal?

    Apply Kajal along the water line (between the eyeball and the lashes growth) as the decorative eyeliner.

    Apply Kajal on the upper and lower lids at night for the treatment effect.
    Kajal is easily washed off by the general makeup removers: soap or castor oil. At the same time, Kajal is not dripping, when there is eye contact with snowflakes or droplets.

    Are there any precautions, when using Virgin Herbal Kajal?

    There may be pins and needles after the product’s application. Also Kajal has a specific herbal smell – it speaks about its naturalness. Do not use it if your eyes are allergic to the wax. Do not use the eye drops, if you have make-up.

    Virgin Herbal Kajal is approved for use by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare.


    Virgin Herbal Kajal. The Feedbacks

    I have already been using Kajal for two weeks. I like it! My eyes are resting when the product is applied. I have not expected such great effect! It is a great alternative to the beauty sticks.
    Diana, 33 y.

    I have also got Herbal Kajal… a very good thing. I am so sorry that I am so lazy that I do not use it every day:(
    Katy 19 y.

    As regards me, I like the fact that all components of this product are natural. Previously, I had irritation, when I used the traditional beauty sticks. Now I see how Kajal takes care of my skin day after day.
    Jenifer, 28 y.

    How to increase eyelashes?

    Every woman dreams about long thick lashes, but, unfortunately, the nature has not gifted this natural twiddle each of us. If you want to make your eyes brighter and more expressive, you can visit a beauty salon and extend your lashes affectedly or use the false eyelashes. But these methods give temporary results and harm your own lashes.


    How to improve eyelashes? The Answer is

    The up-to-date pharmaceutical market offers absolutely innovative preparation that increases the eyelashes – Careprost product. Careprost is available product that lengthens your eyelashes quickly and effectively, improves the eyelashes’ hair and causes no side effects.
    The basis of the product Careprost is the active ingredient Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost affects the growth of hair, penetrating the eyelashes’ hair follicle. Bimatoprost contributes to the widening of the hair follicles, hastens the eyelashes’ growth as well as increases the number of hairs. It is non-hormonal solution that does not interfere with your health.

    Careprost is designed for you if …

    you’ve always dreamed about long, thick and extensional lashes;
    you do not trust the borderline bids and hair and nail salons services;
    your eyelashes have broken because of the artificial increase.

    The benefits that give Careprost…

    The clinical researches (that were conducted by the scientists and pharmacists) suggest that Bimatoprost – the active ingredient of the product Careprost:

    • Affects the hair follicle actively;
    • Stimulates the growth of the eyelashes up to 25-30%;
    • Promotes increase of the eyelashes volume twofold;
    • Quickens the natural darkening of the eyelashes up to 20%.

    These figures are based on the clinical researches. Here it is worth noting that the product Careprost has been approved by FDA (the Food and Drug Administration).

    The results come as soon as…

    The results are evident within a few weeks after you start use the product. You need from 2 to 4 months of daily use to obtain maximum result. Then, it is necessary to apply Careprost 1-2 times a week to keep the effect.

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